The House of Cyborg Studios


Description: The House of Cyborg Studios, founded in 2009, is built on a unique foundation of principles reflecting its commitment to continuous improvement, ethical conduct, and a deep sense of social responsibility. At the heart of their philosophy is the idea of “Progress, not perfection.” The House advocates for ongoing development and creativity rather than seeking unachievable ideals. This mindset fosters a realistic, down-to-earth, and dynamic method of growth, both in their projects and in the way they run their organization.

Education and honesty are also central to the House's values, showing a commitment to transparency and knowledge-sharing within the House and outside community. These principles heavily influence how they lead, interact with others, and their community engagement. They're committed to creating an environment where learning and integrity are always at the forefront.

Respect and responsibility are core to the House's ethos. This is reflected in their unwavering commitment to treating individuals, communities, and the environment with thoughtfulness and care. They take full accountability for their actions and decisions. These principles are deeply ingrained in their community involvement, relationships both inside and outside the organization, and their overall approach to their work, particularly in their engagement with the Leather and Kink communities.

Home: Melbourne, Florida USA

Status: Active

Founding: In 2009 by Cyborg44

Panel Added to the Quilt: PENDING, In-Person at Beyond Leather 2024 - May 16-19, 2024 in West Palm Beach, Florida

Social Media: Fetlife Profile