The Rack Room


Description: The Rack Room was started in 2018 by 2 community members (SmartAssDaddy and SalowithHorns) who wanted a community venue for everyone to gather and have a space place to practice BDSM. In July of 2022 the management was transferred to JMichaeld and mercey, who volunteer along with there trusted family; The Panda and The Panda's girl, to manage the dungeon. They all came in eager and ready to continue with the progress and growth of the dungeon. The Rack Room's staff is an all volunteer staff including the management. The purpose of The Rack Room is to be a community gathering place to help ensure a safe place for all. The Rack Room is all inclusive and open to all. The Rack Room allows any group to come in and provide educational demos and support groups such as submissive round table groups and Rope Bite. The Rack Room is thriving and continuing to provide a safe, clean, all inclusive space for the community to meet.

Home: Milton, Florida USA

Status: Active

Founding: In 2018 by SmartAssDaddy and SalowithHorns

Panel Added to the Quilt: PENDING, In-Person at SouthEast Leather Fest, June 13 - 16, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia

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