Hooker and Boys Ministries


Description: H&B Ministries L.L.C. doing community service as Hooker & Boys Ministries, Hell & Back Ministries was formed by a group of close friends and Leather titleholders who united in 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland to raise funds for charity as part of their Drummer Drummerboy Titleholder responsibilities.

As a result, The 12 Days of Christmas was established, and H&B Ministries L.L.C. became established as a community-based invitation-only Levi & Leather Club. With members and associates around North America.

Our goal is to serve the LGBTQIA+ communities through fundraising, support, and service.

Since 1999, we have produced:

* The Annual 12 Days of Christmas Fundraiser (1999-Present)
* Maryland Drummer and Drummerboy (2000-2001)
* Maryland LeatherSIR and Leatherboy (2002-2006)
* Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack (2008-2015)
* Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Leather Woman (2009-2015)
* Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman (2009-2020)
* Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack (2015-2020)
* Lady Lisa Drag Stage @ Baltimore Pride in the Park (2007-2020)
* Lady Lisa Drag Stage @ Clifton Pleasure Club (2022)
* Co-Producer of Baltimore King and Queen of Pride (2012-2021)
* Semi-Annual Chesapeake Leather And Pride – C.L.A.P. (2009-Present)
We are proud to support numerous events, clubs, and organizations through the greater communities.
We choose to show our Love through our Actions. Serving the communities. Always.

Founding members Rik Newton-Treadway, Woodie Barnes-McWhirter and Timothy Snider
* Pantheon of Leather Small Not for Profit Organization 2007
* Pantheon of Leather Small Event of the Year 2004 and 2008

Home: Baltimore, Maryland USA

Status: Active

Founding: In 1999 by a group of close friends and Leather titleholders

Panel Added to the Quilt: Added in January 2024.

Social Media: Website - Facebook - Email