Leather History Preservation Foundation


Description: The Leather History Preservation Foundation was created to form a recognized, legal non-profit entity to produce events that preserve, celebrate, and encourage the tradition of the Leather tribe in sharing oral history. LHPF's first event was Leather History Conference 2016. The foundation has produced Leather History Preservation Weekend since 2017. LHPF was recognized by the IRS as a 501©3 tax-exempt organization in March, 2018.

Home: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Status: Active

Founding: Incorporation was recognized by the NC Secretary of State on April 26, 2016. Co-founders were Dave Hudson, Ms. Tori Jones, and Geoff Wingard.

Panel Added to the Quilt: In-Person at Leather History Preservation Weekend 2023 - Atlanta, Georgia - November 3-5, 2023

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