ONYX PEARLS New York/Northeast


Description: Onyx Pearls New York/Northeast is an organization that addresses issues specific to Women of Color (Black, Latinx, Asian/Pacific. Islander, and Indigenous) who choose to discuss/participate in the Leather/BD/SM/Fetish lifestyle. We provide support and education while developing friendships and empowering sisterhood and safety for women. This is key to achieving our goals. All women 21 years old and older are welcome regardless of gender identity or expression. Although the ONYX PEARLS is a club for Women of Color, we also welcome all female-identified friends, those of the trans, GNC/NB experience, and loved ones. We strive to be a social, educational, leather, BD/SM, and fetish lifestyle club.

Home: New York, USA

Status: Active

Founded: By Goddess Roze in 2008

Panel Added to the Quilt: Added in-Person at Master/slave Conference in College Park, MD August 31 - September 4, 2023

Social Media: Fetlife Profile Fetlife Group Website Facebook

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