Mr. Ladybug’s Lounge

Description: Mr. Ladybug’s Lounge was established in April of 2021 and has since provided a safe space to the community, through in-person and virtual lifestyle engagement. At Mr. Ladybug’s Lounge our goal is to achieve growth, both personal and community, through education, connection, and support. We host various kinds of events, from lectures and discussions to workshops and conferences, etc. We are a place where education meets entertainment and a resource that sparks creativity. This is a space where one can truly feel seen, not only physically but authentically- for exactly who you are. Mr. Ladybug’s Lounge strives to inspire growth by continuing to provide a space where unity, inclusivity and community development is celebrated and encouraged.

Home: Boise, Idaho USA

Status: Active

Founded: On April 13, 2021 by Mr. Ladybug in Boise, Idaho. Source

Panel Added to the Quilt: At South Plains Leatherfest in Dallas, Texas on March 25, 2023.

Social Media: Fetlife Profile

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