The Herd


Description: Our vision- The Herd strives to create a positive space for free expression of sexuality, guided by values of equality and inclusiveness. We aim to promote leather culture, both locally and abroad, through the guiding principals of honesty, integrity, respect, and loyalty. We believe in service to the community and work with those who educate and raise awareness of issues related to sexuality and sex-positive culture. And, above all else, we are about having fun, creating new experiences, and expanding our tribe.

Origins: The Herd was originally started in Winnipeg, Manitoba in summer of 2017 as an open concept for those interested in leather culture. Most of the founding members had been involved in educating and organizing community events for years prior under the banners of Winnipeg Sex Positive Culture, Tortured Youth, MAsT, and others. In fall of 2017, the group elected to move to a closed membership structure and focus its efforts on building Leather culture throughout the Prairies, working alongside a wider network across Western Canada as well as the United States.

Notes on the logo: As well as being the provincial animal of Manitoba, the Bison was originally chosen as the outline of the logo as it symbolized the determination and resilience of the Prairies. It seemed also fitting because of the tendency of the animal to operate as a herd, since the group seemed to frequently travel and operate together; what started as a tongue-in-cheek joke about the nature of our group eventually seemed an appropriate and recognizable name and so it was agreed that we would be The Herd.

Home: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Status: Active

Founded: In the Summer of 2017

Panel Added to the Quilt When and Where: Added by The Herd on November 2, 2018 at Wicked in the West in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.Source

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