House of T.S.T


Description: The House of T.S.T prides itself on serving the community and has made strides towards educating the community by educating ourselves 1st. The House Crest was established based on the resurrection of the House of TST after many years of soul searching, redirection, education and Self-Acceptance. Today the House of TST proudly displays the Phoenix Crest that represents the rising of a Leather House and it also serves as a reminder of valuable lessons learned through adversity that led to great growth. Shoulder to Shoulder and Hyde to Hyde we stand in the community in support of unity and acceptance of a nonjudgmental lifestyle.

Origins: The House of T.S.T was established in June 2016 as a D/s dynamic that evolved into a 24/7 M/s dynamic led by Sir Daniel. Sir Daniel is also CEO of Tender Strokes Toys which was established in 2013 as an Alternative Lifestyle Custom made BDSM Furniture and Toy Company.

Country: USA

State/Province: Maryland

City/County/Metro: Baltimore


Established: June 2016

Founded By: Sir Daniel

Panel Added to the Quilt When:

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Social Media: Fetlife