House of Rising Phoenix


Description: House of Rising Phoenix was established in November 2016 by Sir Phoenix Black as a familial, poly, leather household. House of Rising Phoenix currently works and serves in the metro Atlanta area.

About the House Colors and Crest: House of Rising Phoenix house colors are Royal Blue and Gold. Royal blue to signify the dignity and class household members are expected to uphold. Gold to represent the goal of value and purity that the house hopes to achieve. The crest shows a phoenix rising from the flames towards five arrows which represent the five principles we strive towards, which are Honor, Accountability, Respect, Responsibility and Transparency (H.A.R.R.T.). These five principles are held together by handcuffs which symbolize that we are all prisoners (both owner and property) to the leather lifestyle through service, education and community.“

Country: USA

Status: Active

Established: November 2016

Founded By: Sir Phoenix Black

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