House of Shokushu Goukan

Description: We are a house of kink-minded people who love playing on the edge. Tentacle rape, whips and rope are some of the things we love, and are dedicated to having fun and a good laugh. We are a poly House, and are into BSDM, Leather, and protocol while still injecting a little chaos Into the world. Our mission is to provide a loving, supportive, and knowledgeable environment that encourages and fosters the interests and needs of the members of our House.

Our principles are:
Follow the tenets of RACK and PRICK.
Actively support the kink-related causes we believe in.
Always treat members of the House of Shokushu Goukan as family.

Home: Courtenay, British Columbia Canada

Status: Active

Panel Added to the Quilt When and Where: Added by Nephesh on November 2, 2018 at Wicked in the West in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.Source

Social Media: Fetlife

Nephesh adding the panel to the quilt

Nephesh and Polar putting the finishing touches on the Shokushu Goukan panel addition