W.O.O.L.F. (The Wichita Organization Of Leather Fetishes)


Description: W.O.O.L.F is dedicated to the education and development of the leather and fetish community. We are a pansexual group, open to gay, straight and bisexual people.

Leather Camp was an annual event sponsored by W.O.O.L.F. that occurrred from 2005 - 2015. It was an educational and social weekend devoted to Leather Lifestyle, BDSM techniques and D/s relationships. Workshops geared towards everyone, intermingled with social opportunities and lots of entertainment.

The Group maintained a montly newsletter called the WOOLF Watch.

Home: Wichita, Kansas USA

Status: ????

Founded: In 2002Source by ????

Panel Added to the Quilt When and Where: ????

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