Leather Houses of Color Coalition


Description: The Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC- pronounced “lock”) is a collective of families headed by POCs, whose mission is to serve as an example of unity and purpose among current and aspiring Leather Houses of Color, and to provide educational, professional, and social opportunities for those choosing to follow such lifestyles. LHOCC plans on accomplish this mission by creating a place where heads of Households across the globe can join together as a coalition to reach back and bring along the next generation. Together, we will galvanize each other in a show of unity, accountability, and purpose.

Country: USA

Status: Active

Founded: In 2017 Source by 4 Founding Leather Houses: House of Nia, House of Trei, La Maison Derou, and the House of Blue

Panel Added to the Quilt When and Where:

Social Media: http://www.lhocc.org