MAsT: Metro New York


Description: MAsT: Metro NY is a monthly community support group for those with an interest in consensual authority exchange relationships. Note that we use the term “Master” in an inclusive non-gender specific manner, welcoming members of all identifications, orientations, and backgrounds. Being in an authority exchange relationship is not required to attend MAsT: Metro NY meetings and all with this shared interest are encouraged to attend and participate.

Country: USA

State/Province: New York

Status: Active

Established: early 2001

Founded By: Master Blair and Sir Stephen

Panel Added to the Quilt: Master/slave Conference 2019

About the Panel: This panel was commissioned and submitted by the MAsT: Metro NY Board of both 2018 and 2019; Sir Guy (Director), Master Dante Amor (Co-Director), Slave Harley (Treasurer), and Slave Gaia Amor (Secretary)

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