SM Odyssey

Description: smOdyssey is an education focused membership group located in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Whether this is your first foray into sensation or role play or you are a highly-skilled veteran of the leather/BDSM scene, smOdyssey is here for you. By way of classes, workshops, social gatherings, discussion groups, on-line forums, and community outreach events, smOdyssey provides you with many opportunities to share your experience, enthusiasm and enjoyment with peers in the southern San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

Home: San Jose, California, USA


Founded: In 1998 “Four friends joined together to bring the best in classes, information, and social events to the South Bay BDSM community. It began with simple classes and play parties, and then expanded to two or three larger parties each year.” Source

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