Paragon Cooperative & Club

Description: Paragon Cooperative for Literacy, Informed Consent, Knowledge & Sustainability, Corporation! We are a Non-Profit doing business as Paragon CoCo, with a demographic of diverse people, that will turn into the teams, and departments and Leaders working together toward a common goal. We are providing representation, equality and equity for marginalized populations, Black &/or Indigenous &/or Persons of Color (BIPOC), in core areas impacted by structural discrimination with a focus on Sustainable Green Energy, Rural Cooperative Farming & Live-Work Affordable Housing.

We are a grassroots Lifestylers developing solutions that will impact the globe, starting in the South East, USA. We also are at the intersection of stigma and discrimination as LGBTQ &/or Two Spirited humans and our fierce Accomplices. The barriers we face put us in a deeply socially disadvantaged category and we are bypassed for collaborations and fundraising. Our project(s) now seeks to model solutions that are repeatable from planning through deployment for those that face disparate treatment &/or impact. We are recruiting members. We have voting and non-voting categories, and no one is turned away for lack of funds due to our sponsorship program.

Home: Plains, Georgia United States

Status: Active

Founding: 2021 by Dionne 'Choc-Trei' Henderson

Panel Added to the Quilt: PENDING, In-Person at The Woodshed Orlando on December 9, 2023

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