Wicked in the West

Description: Wicked in the West is a weekend event that was started in Edmonton in 2016 by Nelson and Impish Willow (aka Imp) to fulfill a need for more educational opportunities and to help create social interaction that went beyond the Edmonton area. In the ensuing years, Wicked has become one of the largest Leather/BDSM/Kink events in western Canada, and is now held in October on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Wicked 2018 is believed to be the first time a portion of the Leather Quilt was displayed in Canada, and 2022 is believed to be the first time the entire Quilt was displayed in Canada.

Home: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Status: Active

Established: In 2016 by Nelson and impishWillow

Panel Added to the Quilt When and Where: In 2019 at Wicked in the WestSource

Social Media: Website - Fetlife Group - Fetlife Profile