House Argus


Description: House Argus is a gay, polyamorous, authority based, BDSM, Leather family and household. The household consists of Master Michael as head of household, along with his hus-boy Patt, alpha slave Marty and several newbies who are dedicated to the development of the next generation Master/slave “kinksters”. This is accomplished by positive mentorship, active demonstration, role-modeling, mindful community involvement, and knowledge-based training with an emphasis on “teaching forward” within a safe, sane and consensual environment.

House Argus lives by the tenant of “Submission is a gift, Domination a trust.” We are a protocol based and practicing family that enjoys meeting/talking to others with similar interests, as friends are valued, Doms and subs (with their owners' permission) alike. We value our BDSM as a lifestyle and therefore it is serious to us. Consequently, we live by the following values:

  • TRUST in yourself first, and honor those that earn your trust
  • Find yourself by looking inward and seek out your happiness
  • You cannot please another until you find what pleases you and makes you complete
  • Love-Learn-Respect and Honor our lifestyle
  • Pass your knowledge and legacy forward, teach and support our lifestyle

We enjoy teaching and hosting high-protocol events as a way to practice, develop and enhance our lifestyle. We attend and are involved in many BDSM Leather/Rubber and fetish events locally, regionally and nationally. We are very proud of our alpha-slave Marty who held the Mr. Rubber Colorado title for two years, 2011-2012, and he finished 4th in a class of twelve at the Mr. International Rubber contest in 2012.

About the Family Crest Emblem: House Argus was selected as our family name from Greek Mythology – the Eyes of Argus. Argus Panoptes was a guardian of the herd and lord of the land. He had multiple eyes (one hundred), which enabled him to leave some eyes open while sleeping – always awake and vigilant. Also in the novel "Luka and the Fire of Life", by Salman Rushdie, Argus was one of the five appointed guardians of the 'Fire of Life'. Argus' virtue embodied with the alertness and guardianship is how we feel towards our obligation as guardians of our BDSM Leather lifestyle. The family crest or emblem was created by boy Patt and was assisted by slave Marty. It was inspired by the BDSM emblem, where the three holes from the “triskele” were brought in as the basis of the design. In addition to the intrinsic multiple meanings, the three holes represent three main elements of the leather family – Master, Boy, and Slave. The blue crescents encircling the three holes signify the pattern of the infinity knot. This symbolizes the unrelenting communication, support, and protection among the family members. Ultimately, this represents the backbone or glue that each of us brings and holds the group together as one united family. The blue crescents form a space in the center, where a red circle is situated. This represents the heart of the house and symbolizes the unity of all the members of the family past, present, and future, as well as a tribute to the two Masters who inspired this household. The colors selected and used in the design of our family crest are inspired by the colors of the leather flag including connotations of some hanky code colors. The outer gray band incorporates the use of Morse code, spelling the words, “SIR BOY SLAVE”, surrounding this dynamic family and indicates how one needs to explore deeper than the surface in order to decipher the true meaning of one's inner self and true happiness. It also suggests the importance of tradition and history, which still enriches our lifestyle and integrity.

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State/Province: Colorado



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