Dallas boys of Leather


Description: To give a space for self-identified leatherboys to grow, through education, support and brotherhood gathering in boyhood to support our members and contribute back to our community and our Leather Tribe, through Respect and Integrity.

The term “leatherboy” is defined as broadly as possible as to include all who identify as a boy, boi, slave, submissive, pup and cub as we share the same heart. As the term “leatherboy” has no age, race, gender, appearance or sexual orientation associated with it.

We are formed to come together in boyhood: to have fun, learn, educate, socialize and contribute to each other and our community.

The home bar of the DboL was the Dallas Eagle

Home: Dallas, Texas USA

Years: 2002 - September 19, 2008Source

Founding Members boy gary, boy tim, cub stace, boy tony, and boy shawnSource

Panel Added to the Quilt When and Where: ????

Social Media: Website, Defunct but archived at web.archive.org