MAsT: Laurel Women


Description: MAsT:Laurel Women is a pansexual group open to adults (18 years of age or older) who identify as women and are interested in Master/slave relationships. Being in a relationship is not required. All that is required is that you identify as a woman and wish to learn about or be supported in Master/slave relationships. We are deeply committed to providing a safe space for our members. Therefore, we expect respectful, honest, and open conversation without judgement from all members and to all members regardless of which side of the slash they identify. Lastly, we ask that anything that happens within our meetings remain confidential and are not shared outside of meetings.

Country: USA

State/Province: Maryland

City/County/Metro: Elicott City



Founded By:

Panel Added to the Quilt: Master/slave Conference 2019

Social Media: Fetlife Group, Closed